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Reigning bootilicious queens of Nollywood unveiled Reigning bootilicious queens of Nollywood unveiled

Over the last 20 years reign of Nollywood movies and its practitioners, very few stars have been able to overtly display voluptuous booty to the glaring admiration of fans and colleagues-the closest to these has been infamous Cossy Orjiakor with her almost nude and boobs display.

However, in the last 4 years, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Mercy Johnson Okojie have consistently left men drooling with the sudden appreciation of their sexy curves that glorifies their booties.

Thus, the sudden and race to show off massive booty and curves by Nollywood actresses at every and any given opportunity-ranging from movie locations to Instagram pages to regular events, award ceremonies, red carpets and even musical concerts.

So much is the booty craze that some actresses go as far as enhancing their booties with surgery while others settle for body enhancement suits.

Movie Moments’ GBENGA BADA writes on the emergence of the Nollywood bootilicious queens.


Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Widely acclaimed the pathfinder in this miniature genre of Nollywood, Time Magazine acclaimed Nollywood Queen; Omotola Jalade Ekeinde might be referred to as the touch bearer of bootilicious queens of Nollywood. Her booty is of no comparison so much that it made headlines on several mediums in Nigeria. She’s not only proud of her booty, she readily flaunts it in tight fitted gowns and attires that leave colleagues and fans breathless. For her booty, she was tagged the real ‘African Magic’ by Big Brother Africa host, Ik Osakioduwa at the maiden edition of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Surprisingly, Omotola has four lovely kids!

Joselyn Dumas

She’s Ghanaian and had lived unnoticed until very recently. Joselyn Dumas had carried on with her booty for years as a presenter and part time actress without attracting so much attention-largely because she sits most times on her TV programme-but became a source of attraction when the craze for voluptuous booty became an added advantage for getting roles in Nigerian movie world. The sultry actress can conveniently compete with Omotola save for her height.

Mercy Johnson Okojie

The story of Mercy Johnson’s booty would be incomplete without the fore knowledge of the fact that she grew in Nollywood-both in age and stature. The young Mercy was the cynosure of all eyes at 27. She was young, curvy with massive boobs and booty and her career was blossoming, even though she had more scandals to deal with than many of her peers, contemporaries and senior colleagues! Mercy headlined several newspapers, magazines, blogs and entertainment websites for weeks and months daring fashion buffs and leaving men breathless with her growing booty and boobs. Before becoming mrs. Okojie, Mercy became the target of several photojournalists as a picture of Mercy earned accolades for it became the news of the day. Her booty has grown to become one of the most fantasized by male admirers.

Ronke Odusanya

Not many would remember the name Ronke Odusanya but when Flakky Ididowo is mentioned, everyone remembers the ‘Yoruba’ actress with one of the most sinful body built! Dark, effervescent and quite fashionable, Ronke undoubtedly is one of the reigning Nollywood bootilicious queens. So much is Ronke’s booty that she earned herself the booty titled role in the popular flick, Flakky Ididowo. Not one who flaunts her booty but like almost every actress on this list, her booty has literary turned her golden fish with little or no hiding place.

Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke is the star of one of Emem Isong’s flicks, Lagos Cougars and she has become a regular celebrity for pictures for her booty flaunting activities on Instagram and red carpets. Though her massive tits and booty remain a subject of discourse having amassed the voluptuous booty and tits in just two years, she has become one of the head turners at events. Not the most pretty of them all but the bold Igbo lady readily flaunts her backside in your face if and when given the opportunity. Without doubts, her ‘assests’ has earned her several roles in Nollywood movies.

Lydia Forson

She’s another Ghanaian actress and she sure knows what her booty causes when she adorns those tight fitted pants! Lydia Forson causes stir at almost all events and she sure knows how to make herself a subject of discourse-she turned on almost all men at the opening ceremony of the 2013 African International Film Festival, which held in Calabar. Lydia flaunts her booty whenever necessary but she’s a bold and proud black woman, who believes she’s the true and essence of an African woman. She’s a popular Ghanaian actress and has gotten several raunchy roles thatleft her wriggling and whining her booty to the admirations of fans and audience.

Halima Abubakar

One of the early actresses to discover the tenacity of sexual appeal in Nollywood, Halima Abubakar has got some considerable booty. Her booty had always been a cynosure of all eyes and when many couldn’t, she has dared, been there and seen it all. Though her booty rarely make news in recent days, Halima’s booty can’t be ignored when making a list of bootilicious Nollywood queens.

Biodun Okeowo Sofuyi

Another ‘Yoruba’ actress with an impressive booty is Biodun Okeowo Sofuyi. Widely referred to as Tolani Osinrin and Omo Butty, Biodun’s booty remains one of the fascinating ones even after two kids! She tows the same path with Omotola and Mercy and has impressed several male fans and admirers with her massive booty. Aside obviously flaunting her booty and sultry looks on Instagram, a meeting with Biodun on a red carpet event would leave every man the envy of his peers and friends. Earning herself considerable movie roles and producing few, Biodun’s booty goes down as seductively appealing.

Anita Joseph

Not many movie lovers would accept her booty ranks her amongst Nollywood queens but her tenacity in flaunting and showing the Nigerian male and female audience what she posses would qualify her as one. Her Facebook account reeks of pictures of the actress showing off her considerable booty to the admiration of many. She makes every effort to create an attention with her backside just like few names on this list and even though she doesn’t get the much expected attention, she has got her retinue of fans and male admirers.


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